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Infant sling or learner bike
at half price
If you order Dusky or Trayecto now, you can get the infant sling or the learner bike at half price. That means that the infant sling will cost you just 40 € and the learner bike just 42 €. Moreover, if you order Trayecto with either infant sling or the learner bike, you´ll get also a 20% discount on the postage. Just write us for an offer to

All customers from non-EU countries should contact us to for an independent offer.
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Learner Bike as an accessory

Learner Bike as an accessory

We've developed own learner bike for which you would be able to use the wheels from your trailer. You can easily carry it... more

84,00 €
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Fender (Mud, Dust, Grit etc.)

Fender (Mud, Dust, Grit etc.)

Just a fender? Perfect as a protection against mud, dust and little stones. Pure and harmless clingfilm. By Dusky and Trayecto included (at no cost).

20,00 €
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Infant Sling for Toddlers

Infant Sling for Toddlers

Infant Sling for Toddlers, 3 Months and Older (usually for Kids 3 to max 12 Months Old).

79,90 €
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