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1. Choose the color which best suits to you:
Just click on one of the colors and you'll see how does the whole stroller look like

black-red black-red Basic stuff
black-blue black-blue Basic stuff
black-orange black-orange Basic stuff
black-green black-green Basic stuff

2. Choose the upholstery, please:
Just click on one of the option for more detailed background

TAHOE TAHOE Basic stuff
DUSKY DUSKY +281,00 €

3. Finally, choose one of the brakes, please:
Just click on one of the brakes for more detailed background

Without break / for Tahoe Without break / for Tahoe Basic stuff
AVID BB5 / for Dusky AVID BB5 / for Dusky Basic stuff
AVID BB7 / for Trayecto AVID BB7 / for Trayecto Basic stuff
AVID BB7 / for Dusky AVID BB7 / for Dusky +24,90 €




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